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In 1998 the founders of SAL had a passion for Lighting but knew that without a determined commitment to Customer Service and Innovative Lighting Technology, they too would be lost in the maze of other lighting suppliers.

Despite the global market challenges in the early days with the dynamic evolution of LED, it was this determination that created the foundations of SAL and today drives an expansive team’s dedication for excellence in Customer Service and Product innovation.

Decades on, the 100% Australian owned family business network expands across all Australian States and Territories, supported by a suite of strategic Australian and International Supply partners who understand SAL’s Customer commitment and unquestionable focus on Product Quality and Compliance.

At SAL we are always thinking about how we can enhance our customers Lighting experience and strongly believe our success is measured by our Customers success. It is the continual drive for achievements better than yesterday, that challenges our team to listen, learn and deliver valuable business outcomes for our customers.

With strong Australian foundations, the exciting SAL journey continues by exploring technology that improves our quality of life and acknowledges our social responsibility in reducing our global carbon footprint, through the creation of innovative Smart Lighting controls and energy efficient Lighting solutions.

As an innovative LED market leader, we accept the stewardship of quality and compliance and such, we invest significantly in both local and international engineering and design resources, to ensure our products are compliant with all mandatory standards and are reliable for our customers.

No matter how big or small, if your Lighting project calls for LED Lamps, Downlights, Oysters, Panels, Decorative Interior, Strip lights, Exterior Floodlights, Architectural exterior, Streetlights, Highbays, Track Lights, or Smart controls and you are looking for an innovative Lighting partner that listens; the SAL team have the solution for you.

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