Blackwattle Deli

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Retail lighting is all about the WOW factor and for food goods, it must make the store environment and produce look fresh and inviting and this sensational project finish does just that!

Blackwattle Deli is one of Sydney’s last remaining full service delis, full of delicious artisan produce and is located at the famous Sydney Fish markets, which is the world’s third largest fish market, attracting over 3,000,000 visitors a year. Thanks to MKGS Construction and Paton Power, the store has recently undergone an impressive refresh.

Showcasing the main retail space lighting requirements was the ceiling mounted SAL Premier (S9073TC/18W) LED downlights and WOW do they create a vibrant and inviting consumer space. The SAL Premier series is a comprehensive range of commercial downlights ranging from 10 – 40 watt, with a choice of selectable CCT, dual power, dimming options and cut-out sizes.

Need more information on the Premier series of downlights: 

Congratulations to MKGS Construction and @paton_power for a sensational result in retail lighting and the images provided.

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